Frequently asked questions

How to search products?

Search for products by entering the product name or keyword into the Search Bar at the top of any page. Try to enter a general description. The more keywords you use, the less products you will get in the results page. When you find a product you’re interested in, simply click the product name or the product image for more details.

How to register on the site?

In the upper right corner click Login / Registration. After that, in the window that opens, enter your mail and password in the right column and click the Create account button.

How to place an order?

1. On the product description page, select the desired option and product options and, if available, Ships From.
2. Click on the Add to cart button.
3. Go to the Recycle Bin by clicking the View cart (or in the upper right corner of the page a large orange button with the image of the basket).
4. At the bottom of the next page, click the big orange button – Proceed to Checkout.
5. On the next page, select the payment method and click the large orange button – Place order.

How to buy for YEM?

To buy for YEM, you must first buy at least 3 products for fiat money or cryptocurrency, which we accept on the site. After payment you can buy goods (s) for YEM in a certain amount, examples can be found on the page How to pay here?

If I want to buy products for YEM, do I have to buy at least 3 products at a time in one order?

No, you can buy at least 3 products in a calendar year. For example, 1 product in March, 1 goods in April and 1 product in June. After purchasing the third product, you can buy 1 product for YEM from June to December 31 of the current year.

You can send goods to my country?

To answer this question, you need to know what specific product (s) and which country you want to receive. For a response, please contact our support.

How is the shipping cost calculated, if you want to get the goods faster and choose a paid delivery option?

Shipping costs are calculated based on shipping method (air, sea or land) and product weight / volume. Different shipping companies have different rates, so it’s we to check and compare which is most affordable and economical. For more details on how shipping costs are calculated, please contact us directly.

Do you have a list of goods that are sent from warehouses in the EU?

No, there is no such list of goods. To find out about such a possibility, it is necessary to study the description of each specific product.

What is Buyer Protection?

Buyer Protection is a set of guarantees that enables buyers to shop with confidence on our website.

You are protected when:

  • The item you ordered did not arrive within the time promised by the seller.
  • The item you received was not as described.
  • The item you received that was assured to be genuine was fake.